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ALS experts take the Ice Bucket Challenge

August 19, 2014

Update: September 9, 2015

One year has passed since you accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. Together we raised more than $40,000 in support of Sunnybrook's ALS Clinic. We are proud to report those gifts have already been put to work improving patient's lives and supporting important ALS research.

Read more about the impact of your Ice Bucket Challenge donations in this SPECIAL REPORT.

You'll read about our latest discoveries and meet an incredible family, who can attest to the power of giving to in support of Sunnybrook.

Experts from Canada's largest ALS clinic at Sunnybrook put their minds where their research is, taking on ALS Canada's Ice Bucket Challenge.

The goal is to raise awareness for this important cause, which Sunnybrook researchers are advancing with their innovative work

Sunnybrook's ALS Clinic offers patients treatment from a multi-disciplinary team within the largest treatment centre for ALS in Canada. The team includes nursing, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, respirology, physiatry, and nutritional counseling. The clinic has also established a peer-support group to help connect ALS patients.

In the video below, the lab comes to life as Dr. Lorne Zinman becomes a "specimen" in a life-sized "petri-dish". A giant syringe dispenses ice water into buckets that is then dumped over the scientists' heads for this awareness-raising, brain-chilling experiment.

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