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Sunnybrook Research Institute launches Research Software Support Team

December 14, 2020

A new team composed of software developers with expertise in biomedical applications has been formed to assist Sunnybrook scientists with the technical challenges associated with their projects. The Research Software Support Team (RSST) was initiated this month with the help of a $600,000 grant from the Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research Industry and Education (CANARIE).

“Increasingly, research relies on customized software. However, many scientists lack the expertise or resources to manage software development teams or to adapt existing research software to meet their needs,” says RSST Team Lead Dr. Michael Schumaker.

The Research Software Support Team, which includes three software developers, will be available to provide guidance, training, expertise, and software development specific to advancing research projects, regardless of discipline.

“Our goal is to use publicly available tools to create an environment where medical data can be easily accessed, viewed, and manipulated by users without the need to reinvent existing software,” says Dr. Anne Martel, RSST Program Authority and Senior Scientist in Physical Sciences. “We will also provide support for the development of new specialist analysis packages in-house and help Sunnybrook researchers to distribute more reliable and robust software to collaborators around the world.”

To learn more about the team and their services, contact Dr. Michael Schumaker (RSST Team Lead).