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Improving care for subsequent pregnancies

October 21, 2015

Dr. Jon Barrett, director of the Women & Babies Research Program at Sunnybrook Research Institute and the Waks Family Chair in Maternal-Fetal Medicine Research, comments on the need for a specialized team approach in helping women who become pregnant after a stillbirth. Women going through a subsequent pregnancy often require extra medical care and additional psychological and social support for themselves and their families.

Barrett, who is also the chief of maternal-fetal medicine at Sunnybrook, is part of a group of 35 clinicians, nurses and parents from around the world working to develop standards of care for subsequent pregnancies. The group is led by Sunnybrook and Tommy’s maternal and fetal health research centre in the United Kingdom.

Sunnybrook is one of the few hospitals in the world with a specialized program for subsequent pregnancies. The program, which began as a pilot project in July 2014, provides care and support for families after a late-term loss or neonatal death.

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Dr. Jon Barrett