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Focused ultrasound trial for bilateral essential tremor on CTV Toronto

January 18, 2021


Dr. Michael Schwartz, Sunnybrook neurosurgeon and co-principal investigator of a recently launched clinical trial in focused ultrasound, has recently been featured on CTV Toronto.

Researchers have launched a study investigating the safety of focused ultrasound in the treatment of bilateral essential tremor, a movement disorder that causes uncontrollable tremors in a patient’s body, primarily in both hands and arms.

“We know very well the safety of doing the first side because we have experience with more than 200 patients, so we’re looking at the safety of doing both sides,” Dr. Schwartz explains in the story.

In 2012, Dr. Schwartz and team pioneered the focused ultrasound procedure for essential tremor. In 2016, focused ultrasound for unilateral (one-sided) treatment of essential tremor was approved by Health Canada.

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