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Dr. Beverley Orser recognized as leader in anaesthesia

May 11, 2023

Dr. Beverley Orser, co-founder of Sunnybrook’s Perioperative Brain Health Centre, was celebrated among 45 women around the world considered ‘global innovators, pioneers, and leaders’ in anesthesia by the World Federation of Society of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA).

The WFSA’s celebration during the International Day of Women and Girls in Sciences 2023, aims to celebrate and increase “public visibility of female anesthesiologists in decision-making positions”, and that “by highlighting the achievements and diversity of female anaesthesiologists we hope to inspire other women and normalize female leadership in the eyes of all genders.”

Dr. Orser's recognition highlights her remarkable achievements, expertise, and leadership in the field of anaesthesia. Her dedication and accomplishments serve as an inspiration for aspiring women in science and healthcare, showcasing the significant impact they can make in their respective fields.

Congratulations to Dr. Orser and all the remarkable women recognized by the WFSA for their outstanding contributions to anaesthesia and their leadership in advancing the field.

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