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Isabelle Aubert, PhD

Senior scientist

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2075 Bayview Ave., Room S1 12
Toronto, ON
M4N 3M5

Phone: 416-480-5831
Fax: 416-480-5737

Administrative Assistant: Melanie Suttar
Phone: 416-480-6100, ext. 3537


Appointments and Affiliations:

Research Foci:

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Adult neurogenesis
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Gene therapy
  • Delivery of therapeutics to the brain
  • Neuronal degeneration and regeneration
  • Brain development

Research Summary:

Damage to the brain occurs following progressive neurodegenerative disorders (e.g., Alzheimer's disease), stroke, head trauma, cancer and invasive brain surgery. The capacity of the adult mammal brain to repair itself spontaneously is extremely limited; once damaged, most neuronal cells of the brain will degenerate and die.

The Brain Repair Group, led by Dr. Isabelle Aubert, focuses on developing therapies to stop neurodegeneration and promote regeneration under pathological conditions found in cases of Alzheimer's disease. Novel treatments are being tested in models of Alzheimer's disease to deliver therapeutic molecules across the blood-brain barrier, halt the toxicity of beta-amyloid peptides and induce neuronal survival and regeneration. Pharmacological approaches, immunotherapy and gene therapy are being evaluated in vitro and in vivo for their potential in maintaining neuronal health and inducing brain repair.

The Brain Repair Group aims to develop meaningful treatments that will lead to better brain and mind health, and ultimately restore and preserve critical cognitive functions such as learning and memory in cases of Alzheimer's disease.

Selected Publications:

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