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Understanding Personalized Cancer Care
April 18, 2024, Noon-1:30pm (*Different time!*)
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Leading Sunnybrook experts will discuss:

  • How Your Genes Can Play a Role in Cancer Care:
    Tracy Graham, Genetic Counsellor and Manager, Odette Cancer Centre Genetics Program
  • Unique Aspects of Cancer and the Future of Cancer Care:
    Dr. Eileen Rakovitch, Program Research Director, Odette Cancer Centre
  • Personalized Strategies in Radiation Treatments:
    Dr. Deepak Dinakaran, Radiation Oncology, Odette Cancer Centre

Moderator: Dr. Calvin Law, Chief, Odette Cancer Centre

Watch the live webcast on this webpage by pressing play in the video player below. This talk will be available online only. If you are having trouble viewing the live video at noon on April 18, please refresh your web browser.

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