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Department of Psychiatry
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Create your own coping card

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» Download our coping card resource (English, PDF)

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Other crisis resources:

  • Good2Talk (Ontario post-secondary student helpline): 1-866-925-5454
  • 911/ my local emergency department

What skills can I learn to decrease my distress?

Resources from AnxietyBC:

Information on creating a hope kit

The purpose of the hope kit is to centralize tangible objects that can prime positive emotional states and elicit thoughts that counter the suicidal belief system. Hope kits can be created using any form of a container (e.g., shoe box, manila envelope, tackle box) in which objects having positive associations can be stored. Objects commonly placed in hope kits include pictures of vacations, inspirational quotes, scripture passages, trinkets or souvenirs from important events, letters from loved ones, and family photos. Key to the selection of objects to be included in the hope kit is the ability of the object to prime a positive emotional experience, thereby reducing the intensity of aversive emotions sustaining the suicidal state. By eliciting positive emotions, the hope kit intervention provides a direct functional alternative to suicidality for emotional relief. (adapted from Dr. Craig Bryan)

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“Be Safe” App for youth, in addition to your personal coping card

Disclaimer: we have not evaluated this app.

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