Gynaecologic cancer
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Cervix cancer care

For women in their childbearing years with early stage cervix cancer, we offer fertility-saving radical trachelectomy surgery. Sunnybrook pioneered this procedure, which is much less invasive than the standard full hysterectomy. We offer less invasive sentinel lymph node biopsy technique to detect metastases. This technique, which we were the first to adapt, is as accurate as standard full pelvic lymph node dissection. For patients with large cancers, we offer specialized brachytherapy techniques.

Patients see many clinicians at the same time at our multidisciplinary and inter-professional Gynecological Cancer clinic for coordinated, expedited care and assessment, and to discuss an individualized treatment plan.

Risk assessment

We provide assessments, by referral, in our Colposcopy Clinic, for individuals with abnormal PAP smears and related concerns.

Diagnosis and treatment options

» Newly diagnosed with cervical cancer

Early stage

  • We offer radical hysterectomy surgery and pelvic node assessment.
  • For patients who meet the clinical criteria, we offer minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery with the potential to go home later the same day of surgery. We are one of only a few centres in Canada with expertise in laparoscopic surgery for radical hysterectomies.
  • We offer the sentinel lymph node biopsy to determine the stage of the cancer. This technique is significantly less invasive but as accurate as standard full pelvic lymph node dissection. We pioneered the use of this technique in cervix cancer. We are one of only a few Canadian centres using indocyanine green (ICG) dye with the PINPOINT Endoscopic Fluorescence imaging system for sentinel nodes.
  • We offer additional radiation therapy if needed.

Locally advanced

  • We offer treatment with combined radiation and chemotherapy
  • We offer specialized brachytherapy for patients with large tumours

» Recurrent or metastatic cervix cancer

Treatment varies depending on findings and symptoms. Your personalized therapy may include:

  • chemotherapy for patients with metastases and for patients with distant recurrence.
  • surgical expertise for patients with pelvic recurrence.

Supportive care and information

Clinical trials

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