Gynaecologic cancer
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Vulvar cancers

We offer substantial expertise in the care of this rare condition. Our multi-disciplinary team sees and treats the most patients in the province. Treatments include surgery and radiation. We also offer the sentinel node technique to detect metastases. This technique provides a less invasive assessment that is equally as accurate as the standard biopsy

Patients see many clinicians at the same time at our multidisciplinary and inter-professional Gynecological Cancer clinic for coordinated, expedited care and assessment, and to discuss an individualized treatment plan.

Risk assessment

We provide assessments and treatment by referral in our Colposcopy Clinic, for individuals with pre-cancerous vulvar lesions.

Diagnosis and treatment options

» Newly diagnosed with vulvar cancer

  • Patients have an assessment by both a surgeon and radiation oncologist to expedite care and to formulate an individualized treatment plan.
  • We offer sentinel node technique to determine the stage of the cancer, and have the largest experience with sentinel node biopsies in vulvar cancer in the province. This technique provides a less invasive but equally accurate assessment of the lymph nodes.
  • Patients who meet the clinical criteria can go home the same day of surgery.
  • We may offer radiation therapy after surgery if needed

» Recurrent or advanced vulvar cancer

Treatment varies depending on findings and symptoms. Your personalized therapy may include:

  • combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy
  • surgery

Supportive care and information

Clinical trials

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