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Our team

We are a group of specialists dedicated to monitoring and treating melanomas.

Melanoma surgeons

May do a special melanoma procedure called sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Head and neck surgeons

May do a sentinel lymph node biopsy and wider resection on melanoma in the head and neck regions.

Medical oncologists

Provide medical treatments for your melanoma. Monitor and oversee your care with other melanoma specialists and physicians.


Help you monitor your moles to diagnose new melanomas early. May remove small worrisome looking moles.

  • Dr. Wadid Abadir
  • Dr. Mary McKenzie

Plastic surgeons

May remove larger moles and do wider excisions and or do special procedures such as skin grafts and skin flaps when needed. May remove moles from the face or scalp for a cosmetically pleasing result.

Melanoma radiation oncologists

Provide radiation therapy for your head or body to treat your melanoma.

  • Dr. Toni Barnes
  • Dr. May Tsao

Melanoma nurses

Provide care and support and health teaching throughout your clinic visit.  Provide answers and support for you on a melanoma RN team line.

  • Debbie Lawrie
  • Reshma Brijmohan
  • Ingrid White

Melanoma pathologists

Our specialist, Sashar Sade, is professionally trained to read and report on melanoma pathology slides.

Total body photographers

Photographers are trained to professionally take photographs of your body for mole mapping, which can be confidentially used on our computer program.


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