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Child Life Home Sessions for Children

PYNK is proud to offer Child Life home support sessions for the children of young women with breast cancer.

A breast cancer diagnosis has an impact on the whole family. Children need specialized support and enriched activities to understand and cope with Mom’s breast cancer experience, from diagnosis through treatment.

Children need information about Mom’s breast cancer in a developmentally appropriate way that incorporates play-based learning at a pace that both the child and family are comfortable with.

Our Certified Child Life Specialist Morgan Livingstone works with moms to create a unique plan to meet the needs of children of all ages up to age 18.

Child Life Home Sessions

An initial call will be made to discuss any concerns you have about your child(ren)’s coping and to answer any questions you have about talking to your child(ren) about breast cancer. A Child Life home session can be scheduled that is tailored to the specific needs of your family. The Child Life Specialist comes with engaging and enriched activities to explore with the child(ren); parents are welcome to participate in the session. After the session, there is follow-up communication by phone or e-mail and up to 5 additional free-of-charge sessions can be scheduled as needed.

Child Life Home Sessions

The Child life sessions can include:

  • Medical play – exploring medical equipment through play allows for non-threatening explanation of common medical materials children may see throughout Mom’s treatment.
  • Preparation for and discussion in child-friendly language about the plans for treatment, including but not limited to, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and related hospitalizations and medical appointments.
  • Preparation for and discussion of the common side effects and changes specific to treatment including hair loss, surgical areas, physical limitations and restrictions following surgery, energy level/fatigue, pain and nausea.
  • Preparation for and discussion about changes that often take place within the household and children’s daily routines when a Mom is having treatment.
  • Therapeutic play to normalize and support children’s coping.
  • Resources and materials to educate children about breast cancer, feelings, fears and changes.
  • Creative and expressive arts.
  • Personalized stories, games and activities.


Child Life Home Sessions

What is a Child Life Specialist?

Child life experts are specialists in child development who help children and families cope with challenging events. Learn more »