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Aneurysm, aortic


Treatment of an aortic aneurysm is based upon how big it is and how fast it is growing. If you have a large or fast-growing aneurysm, you need surgery to fix it. In most cases, a doctor will replace the damaged part of the blood vessel with a man-made graft.

Small aneurysms rarely rupture and are usually treated with high blood pressure medicine, such as beta-blockers. This medicine helps to lower blood pressure and stress on the aortic wall. If you don't have surgery, you will have routine ultrasound tests to make sure that the aneurysm is not getting bigger.

Even if your aneurysm does not grow or rupture, you may be at risk for heart problems. Your doctor may suggest that you exercise more, eat a heart-healthy diet, and stop smoking. He or she may also prescribe medicines to help lower high cholesterol.