We offer fee-for-service immunohistochemistry expertise in processing and analyzing large surgical and research specimens for preclinical and human tissue, for research projects and clinical trials. These services are available to investigators within SRI and from other institutions.

While we are committed to exploring new ideas and technologies, our focus is in processing, digitizing and analyzing whole-mount applications. Regular immunohistochemistry applications are also available.


Our services include:

  • tissue processing and immunohistochemistry, both routine and immuno for whole-mount tissue sections (slide sizes 3" x 4" and 5" x 7")
  • ultra-rapid tissue processing protocols for large tissue specimens
  • quantitative histological examination of human and preclinical specimens
  • antibody staining and optimization
  • tissue microarrays and frozen sections (1" x 3")
  • microscopy and digitization of tissue slides (1" x 3" to 5" by 7") in brightfield and fluorescence modes (maximum resolution 0.2µm)
  • microcomputed tomography scanning and image analysis
  • analysis algorithms including 2-D and 3-D visualization and correlation tools
  • clinical trials coordination and registration assistance
  • project management consultation