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Genomics Core Facility

The mandate of the genomics core facility at Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is to provide cutting-edge genomics services to scientists and clinicians, as well as to academic and clinical collaborators. The facility supports research by clinical departments at Sunnybrook and other major hospitals as they embrace genomic approaches to cancer screening and diagnostics.

The genomics facility is a centralized resource equipped with next-generation instrumentation designed to provide timely support for genomics research and clinical practice. We have extensive experience in innovative genomics research, providing expert services and consultation for whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, RNA sequencing and targeted next-generation sequencing of cancer genes, as well as quantitative PCR and quantification of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing events using droplet digital PCR technology.

Our services require unique expertise and training not routinely available at research hospitals and clinical departments of hospitals. Furthermore, most research groups lack the capital investment provided to the centre. Nevertheless, the facility is fully integrated with SRI and Sunnybrook clinical departments, with third-party evaluation and accreditation of standard operating procedures, and equipment by the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) in place. This enables us to perform molecular diagnostic assays for precision oncology. Recent approval by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for our next-generation sequencing multi-gene tumour panel allows clinicians to profile patient tumors for mutations in BRAF, EGFR, KRAS, NRAS, PIK3CA, KIT and PDGFRA oncogenes.

The facility remains competitive and relevant by continually updating and expanding services and equipment in parallel with keeping up with advances in technology and applications. Few centres have networks that include direct access to both pathologists and academic researchers. For Sunnybrook researchers and clinicians, the genomics facility provides face-to-face consultation and the fastest turnaround time possible.

We also provide opportunities for SRI research fellows, graduate students and residents to gain experience and training. We encourage collaborative opportunities with investigators on research projects and support investigators’ grant applications.

Next-generation DNA sequencing systems:

Nucleic acid quantification systems:

Academic director: Arun Seth, PhD
Manager: Yutaka Amemiya, PhD


Academic director,
Arun Seth, PhD
416-480-6100 ext. 63536
Room S2 38

Yutaka Amemiya, PhD

416-480-6100 ext. 63108
Room C7 50b

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
2075 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M4N 3M5