The support for the lab comes from collaborative research projects funded by grants. In addition, we provide core services using a cost-recovery approach. Below are examples of fees we charge. Since each project is unique, a detailed estimate will be made for your project. For a customized estimate, fill in and email the order form to; or call 416-480-4265 or 416-480-6100, ext. 7479 to arrange a meeting.

Please note that there is an SRI-regulated overhead charge for external academic and industry collaborators. A material transfer agreement or a collaboration agreement might be required.

Tissue processing and embedding

Large tissue specimens from lumpectomy, mastectomy or prostatectomy are routinely processed and embedded in our laboratory. These services are available for a fee. Please contact the laboratory manager for a price estimate.

Immunohistochemical and special staining

Examples of special stains routinely made in the biomarker imaging research lab:

  • Masson trichrome stain
  • Prussian blue stain
  • Picrosirius red stain
  • Alizarin red stain
  • Goldner's trichrome stain
  • Luxol fast blue stain
  • Bielschowsky stain
  • Pentachrome stain
  • Verhoeff-Van Gieson (VVG)
  • Pimonidazole (hypoxia) stain

Examples of immune stains used:

Antibody Company
14-33 Santa cruz
ALDH1 BD Transduction Laboratories
CD105 Millipore
CD206 Abcam
CD24 (SN3b) Thermo
CD31 Dako
CD34 Dako
CD44 (156-3C11) Thermo
CD45 Dako
CD68 Dako
CK5/6 Millipore
Cox2 Invitrogen
Cytokeratin (AE1/AE3) Dako
D240 Abcam
ER (6F11) Novocastra
Her2/Neu (SP3) Thermo
Ki67 Thermo
Neurofilament Millipore
Osteopontin Novus Biological
p16(discontinued) Millipore
p21 Various
p53 Various
PR (16) Novocastra
RAM 11 Dako
SMA Sigma

Examples of fees charged per slide for immunostaining are based on 10 slides processed in one batch. The fee varies greatly depending on order size, slide size and the antibody, detection or dye used. The ranges below are estimates only. A one-time new antibody optimization fee, if required, is about $600 for internal customers.

Slide size 1"x3" 2"x3"


Internal rate (per slide) $30–$63 $80–$212 $140–$375 $180–$558


Leica scanner SCN400

The Leica SCN400 slide scanner provides a fully digitized image of a specimen that can be viewed and edited from computers. Three hundred and eight-four (384) slides can be scanned automatically with one-button operation. Fee is per slide.

User type/magnification 1”x3” 2”x3” 3”x3.5”
20X 40X 20X 40X X20
Internal rate (per slide) $7 $9 $10 $15 $25

TissueScope scanner

The advantage of this scanner is the ability to digitize whole-mount large (up to 5”x7”) slides as well as regular 1”x3” sides (12 at a time) in bright-field and fluorescent modes. Please contact the lab for a specific quote and calendar booking.

Examples of pricing per slide (depends on amount of tissue and mode). This instrument is available for self-service with proper training. The hourly rate for use of the instrument is $50 for internal users.

Slide size/magnification 1”x3” 2”x3” 3"x4” 5"x7"
10X 20X 40X 10X 20X 40X 20X 20X
Internal rate (per slide) $5 $7 $9 $10 $15 $20 $25 $50

Olympus VS120

Allows for high-resolution fluorescent scanning of slides (up to X100 and over optical resolution). The hourly rate is $50 for internal users.

Freezers/tissue banking

The biomarker imaging research lab is equipped with monitored -80oC and -20oC freezers. To inquire about space availability and fees please contact Yulia Yerofeyeva at 416-480-4265 or