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Biological Sciences

Facilities within Biological Sciences are equipped to help users explore questions in cellular and molecular biology. These include the latest technologies in nucleic acid quantification and confocal microscopy, as well as high-throughput imaging tools and software.


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Contains a large collection of antibodies used as probes to study the development and function of cell lineages

Centre for Flow Cytometry and Microscopy

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Houses a Nikon A1 laser scanning confocal microscope and equipment for cell sorting and analysis


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Equipped with advanced technologies for nucleic acid sequencing and quantification, and provides expertise for all phases of service

High-Content Cellular Analysis Lab

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Home to the ISS Alba, a fully automated, high-content screening microscope that uses fluorescence lifetime imaging


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A fully equipped lab that offers processing, embedding, sectioning and routine staining

Hypoxic Chamber

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Ruskinn Invivo2 200 chamber enables cell culture in hypoxic or anoxic conditions