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nanoString nCounter FLEX Analysis System

Fully automated and easy-to-use, the nCounter FLEX Analysis System with optional Dx enablement is a platform optimized for translational research. This instrument provides a sensitive, reproducible, and highly multiplexed method for detecting multiple mRNAs/miRNAs isolated from any source, including fresh or frozen cells and tissues, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumor samples and biological fluids such as blood, plasma, serum and urine samples. The assay utilizes NanoString’s nCounter platform to offer direct, digital counts of each RNA without the use of reverse transcription or amplification. It is a unique, targeted discovery and validation tool that enables collection of expression data for coding and noncoding RNA in a short amount of time with minimal hands-on manipulation.

Please contact Dr. Arun Seth or Dr. Yutaka Amemiya for more information on sample requirements, scheduling, data analysis options and pricing.

nanoString nCounter FLEX Analysis System

Scientists using the nanoString nCounter FLEX Analysis System


Academic director,
Professor Arun Seth, PhD
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Yutaka Amemiya, PhD

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