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Forms and Guidelines

All forms and guidelines are in Word (.doc) format, unless noted otherwise.


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Version Date

Initial Submissions
*ALL initial submissions should be submitted through SunRISE

COVID-19 Related Amendment Templates

Protocol Supplement template- COVID related amendments March 20, 2020
Informed Consent Script template - COVID Amendment March 20, 2020 These three template documents can be used when submitting COVID-19 related amendments to the REB
Verbal consent documentation template- COVID March 20, 2020
Study Impact Approval Form can now be found on the QA&E webpages here

Although REB approval may be issued, study activation will not occur until all required authorizations are obtained and submitted to

Informed Consent Form Template  January 25, 2022        
Informed Consent Form Checklist
September 8, 2016    
Database- Informed Consent Form Template October 24, 2017
Research Ethics Board Guidelines - Incidental Findings  April 18, 2022
Protocol Amendment - Summary of Changes Table March 2, 2022
Sunnybrook REB Data and Safety Monitoring Plan (DSMP) Guidelines May 9, 2019
        Guidelines for Research Study Participant Recruitment Materials: Advertisements, Flyers, Posters, Brochures etc. April 19, 2022
Medical Devices - Investigational Testing Authorizations
Applications for Medical Device Investigational Testing Authorizations Guidance Document October 1, 2018