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Sunnybrook COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Clinic location

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic
McLaughlin Auditorium,
E Wing Ground Floor, EG18a  
2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto ON

To access Sunnybrook's vaccine clinic, please enter through Sunnybrook's E-Wing entrance, and not the main (M-Wing) entrance. See map below.

Sunnybrook's vaccine clinic is by appointment only. We know you are eager to get your COVID-19 vaccine, but for everyone’s safety, please do not come to Sunnybrook for a vaccine unless you have an appointment booked. If you do not have a scheduled appointment, you will not receive a vaccine. Our vaccine clinic does not accept walk-ins. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If you are a resident who is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and would like to book an appointment at Sunnybrook, you can do so by visiting

If you have an appointment at Sunnybrook's vaccine clinic, please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. We must maintain physical distancing within our clinic to help keep you and our staff safe. For this reason, you will be brought inside at the time of your appointment. 

A note about kindness and respect

 We know that this past year has been a very challenging and frustrating time and that you are eager to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Our COVID-19 vaccine clinic staff are working very hard to rollout the vaccine efficiently and in line with the Ministry of Health’s vaccination rollout plan. Please be patient, kind and respectful to our staff. Abuse and mistreatment will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the property.

Clinic maps

Map of Sunnybrook's campus indicating vaccine clinic

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Image showing route from Parking Garage 1 and Public Transit to Vaccine Clinic Entrance

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Getting to the clinic

Where do I park?

Please park in Parking Garage 1 (PG-1) on the underground lowest level: Level 3A East. This level of the parking garage has an accessible walkway directly to the vaccine clinic entrance. Please follow signage along the way, and if you require help, please ask a staff member to direct you.

There is no charge for parking when you come to the COVID-19 vaccine clinic if you park in this parking garage. Please bring your parking receipt with you to the vaccine clinic for validation. Before you leave the vaccine clinic, you will be directed to a self-serve parking validation kiosk. Please do not park anywhere else on the Sunnybrook campus as pay-per-use tickets cannot be refunded.

Map of Sunnybrook's campus indicating vaccine clinic

Can I take the bus or wheel trans to the vaccine clinic?

If you are taking the bus or wheel trans, please get off at the L-Wing stop.

Map of Sunnybrook's campus indicating vaccine clinic

Can someone drop me off?

If someone is dropping you off, they can drop you off at H-Wing.

Map of Sunnybrook's campus indicating vaccine clinic

I need help with transportation. What do I do?

SPRINT Senior Care’s Transportation Services is providing help for seniors and adults with disabilities who need a ride to their vaccine appointment. The transportation service is low-cost for clients and operates in North Toronto and throughout the rest of the city thanks to the Toronto Ride partnership.

Where do I enter the vaccine clinic?

You will enter the hospital at the E-Wing doors. These are glass doors labeled “Auditorium” on the Ground Floor in the 75 Raab Blvd. building (in between H-wing and E-wing). The vaccine clinic cannot be accessed through the hospital’s Main Entrance.

Map of Sunnybrook's campus indicating vaccine clinic

Preparing for your appointment

Please review the below documents before your appointment:

What to expect during your appointment

You will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the clinic. Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Please wear a mask and bring the following to your appointment:

  • Your Unique Identifier that was emailed or texted to you.
  • Your Ontario health (OHIP) card or other ID that you used to register
  • Reading glasses and hearing aids (if applicable)
  • Assistive devices (if applicable) – cane, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs. Some wheelchairs are available on site.
  • Loose fitting shirt or T-shirt (for easy access to upper arm)

After you are screened and you fill in the consent form, you will be directed to the next available registration desk to be checked in.

Once checked in, you will wait in line and proceed to the next available Vaccine Administrator.

Once you get the vaccine, you will stay seated in our waiting area to self-monitor for any reactions to the vaccine. You will stay for 15 minutes.

You will then be called to check out. You will receive a Proof of Vaccination Receipt.

You can expect to spend up to about 25-30 minutes at the vaccine clinic for your visit.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be provided in two doses. During your first appointment, you will be informed of when your second appointment will be booked. You will also receive a Proof of Vaccination receipt.

After your first dose appointment

Please download and review the below resource:

After your second dose appointment

Please review the below resource:

Frequently asked questions

Which COVID-19 vaccine will I receive if I’m vaccinated at Sunnybrook?

The Sunnybrook COVID-19 vaccine clinic receives supplies of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

You will be told what vaccine is being used on your appointment date upon your arrival. This is based on vaccine supply and it is not a choice.

Pfizer is now approved for youths age 12 to 17, so youths will be given Pfizer.

We are pleased there are four approved vaccines for COVID-19 in Canada and they are all highly effective and safe. Some people have asked if one vaccine is better than the other.

Our response is that the best vaccine is the vaccine that is available to you now, regardless of age or underlying conditions. All available COVID-19 vaccines offer significant protections and save lives – so any vaccine is better than no vaccine, especially now as the B.1.1.7 variant is emerging and can be prevented by any of the four COVID-19 vaccines.

Your second dose of vaccine will be the same as your first dose.

Updated May 18, 2021

When will my second dose be?

Please view the yellow box at the top of our Vaccine Hub page ( for updates regarding rescheduling of second doses as it pertains to the Ministry of Health's second dose strategy.

Other groups have been identified by the Ministry of Health as eligible to get their second dose sooner than 16 weeks.

Learn more »

Residents of long-term care, retirement homes and seniors congregate care homes

Residents of long-term care, retirement homes and seniors congregate care homes are exempt and receive second doses in 21-28 days, as per the Ministry of Health.

Indigenous adults

First Nations persons living in remote communities are exempt and receive second doses in 21-28 days, as per the Ministry of Health. As of May 4, this has been expanded to include all Indigenous adults. Indigenous adults booking under this eligibility criteria will be booked for second doses 26 days after the first dose. For anyone who booked an appointment at Sunnybrook as an Indigenous adult before May 5, our clinic team will reschedule your second dose and a notice will sent by text and/or email.

Patients with certain health conditions

In March, the Ministry of Health announced some changes to the dose timing for a small group of people because research now recommends that some people get the second dose sooner because of their high-risk of severe COVID-19 and because of the way the vaccine works to build immunity.

We now provide the following patients with their second dose within as close to a 21-28 day timeframe as possible:

  • Recipients of solid organ transplants
  • Recipients of hematopoetic stem cell transplants
  • People receiving hemodialysis
  • People with malignant hematological conditions undergoing active treatment*
  • People with non-hematological malignant solid tumours undergoing active treatment*

(* “active treatment” is defined as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy; not those receiving only radiation or hormonal therapy)

These exemptions are booked automatically by our system based on information you provide when you book your appointment.

NOTE: People with the second dose timing exemption might not receive the date of their second dose immediately at their first dose appointment. If you do not receive a text or email confirmation of your second dose date within 12 days of your first dose, email Please do not email with queries about dose intervals if you are not from the group outlined above.

Odette Cancer Centre Patients: if you received your first dose at Sunnybrook’s vaccine clinic before April 5 and were booked through the Odette Cancer Program, our team will contact you to discuss how best to book your second dose.

If you received your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination site other than Sunnybrook, please contact that site directly for information on moving your second dose appointment. Sunnybrook can only provide the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to people who received their first dose here.

For other questions about dose intervals, please contact the Ministry of Health.

Patient-facing health-care workers at highest-risk of COVID-19 exposure 

The Ministry of Health announced on May 10 that patient-facing health-care workers in high-risk roles (as defined by the Ministry) will be eligible to receive a second vaccine dose at a shortened interval. This dose timing change does not apply to all community health-care workers. Health-care workers who were vaccinated at Sunnybrook can learn more about this change here.

I lost my vaccine receipt or didn’t get the vaccine receipt email. What do I do?

If you did not receive a vaccine receipt in person or by email please call the Provincial Vaccine Information Line at 1-888-999-6488 (TTY 1-866-797-0007) or contact your local public health unit.


Contact us with accessibility questions or requests at or via phone at 1-888-385-1910.