Gynecologic Oncology

We are one of the largest gynecologic oncology cancer centres in Canada offering patients the most advanced treatment options for cancers of the uterus, ovary, cervix, vulva, vagina and for gestational trophoblastic tumours.

Why Sunnybrook?

minimally invasive surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery: small incisions, faster recovery, and you go home on the same day of surgery.


Timely: new patients are seen within two weeks.

world experts

World experts: sentinel nodes for gynecologic cancers, fertility-sparing surgery, gestational trophoblastic disease.

clinical trials

Clinical trials: active in national and international trials and research

Our team approach

We will coordinate your visit so that all the clinicians involved in your care will see you at the same time. Together with you, we will create an individualized treatment plan. The care team provides expertise across surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, specialized oncology nursing, pathology, genetics, pharmacy, and supportive care services that include psychology, social work, clinical nutrition and psychiatry.

Meet the doctors

We are a team of renowned gynecologic cancer surgeons who are here for you when it matters most.


Learn more about our unique programs

Cervix cancer care

For women in their childbearing years with early stage cervix cancer, we offer fertility-saving radical trachelectomy surgery. Dr. Al Covens is an internationally renowned expert with this procedure, which allows young women with cervix cancer to have curative surgery, but still keep the possibility of carrying a pregnancy.

Minimally invasive surgery

We provide expertise in laparoscopic surgery in endometrial cancer, cervix cancer, and early stage ovarian cancer. This includes staging procedures such as pelvic and para-aortic lymph node dissections, or radical hysterectomies, with the potential for patients to go home the same day of surgery. We were one of the first clinics in Canada to offer this as an outpatient surgery.

Innovative surgical techniques

We offer a less invasive sentinel lymph node biopsy technique to detect metastases for vulvar cancer, cervix cancer, and endometrial cancer. This technique, which we were one of the first to adapt in Canada, is as accurate as standard full node dissection, but is less invasive, with fewer complications, and allows for faster recovery. We use indocyanine green (ICG) dye, a cutting-edge technology to identify the sentinel nodes.

We are known across Canada for our advanced technical skills in open surgery, especially in ovarian cancer. We also have special expertise in vaginal reconstructive surgery.

Gestational Trophoblastic Disease

This rare group of diseases involve tumours arising from the placenta in young women. We offer specialized care led by experts in the field.

Colposcopy for Pre-Malignant Conditions

Our colposcopy clinic offers diagnosis and treatment for pre-invasive diseases of the cervix, vulva, and vagina. When appropriately treated, cancers of these sites may be prevented. In this clinic, education in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cervical, vulvar or vaginal cancer takes place, as well as the opportunity to participate in clinical research trials. Learn more.

Genetic Counselling

Our centre provides hereditary cancer genetic counseling and genetic testing services for women who have a personal or family history that is suggestive of an inherited cancer predisposition. For gynecologic cancers, this is particularly relevant for those with ovarian or endometrial cancers. Genetic counsellors in the Cancer Genetics and High Risk Program interpret family and medical histories to assess the risk of hereditary cancer syndromes. Our genetic counsellors promote informed choices about genetic testing, cancer screening and prevention.

Clinical Trials

We are active in clinical trials.

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