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Inventing the Future of Health Care for Ontario and Beyond: Strategic Plan 2018-21
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Context for Strategic Plan 2018-21

Strategic Plan 2018-21 has been prepared with the imperative of sustaining the multiple important roles Sunnybrook plays in the health care system.

Sunnybrook is an innovator, a hospital of ‘last resort’ for patients across the province, a hub of education and learning, and it also serves the health care needs of its surrounding community.

While the hospital has made tremendous strides in pioneering new therapies and providing lifesaving care, it has faced significant pressures with in-patient occupancy and demand for care that has challenged Sunnybrook’s ability to meet its expected mandate to be on the leading edge of health discovery, provide complex care for the province, and be a general hospital to its community. In many areas, the hospital is faced with providing care in aging and outdated infrastructure that is hampering the institution’s teams from succeeding.

Strategic Plan 2018-21 aims to ensure Sunnybrook can continue to achieve its vision of inventing the future of health care, and provide care for Ontarians when it matters most. This plan places heavy emphasis on the organization moving forward in a system approach with partners to achieve success.

In essence, this plan maps out the evolution of what it means to be a teaching and research hospital in a constantly changing environment. The Strategic Directions developed in this plan encourage innovation and are attuned to the fiscal reality of the health care system, the shifts in government funding, population growth, and the expectations of patients to spend less time in hospital.

There are four Strategic Directions in this plan that will build high performing teams who will develop personalized treatments, create a system of care from hospital to home, and ensure high-quality care is consistent across the patient’s journey.

At the core of this plan is the reality that one organization cannot operate in isolation. Meeting the needs of a diverse, growing, and aging population as well as the need to be on the cusp of discovery, requires the support of partners in the system, the generosity of donors, and the commitment of a team of people who are dedicated to improving care. It is a challenging course to plot but one that Sunnybrook and its people see as an opportunity to lead.

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