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Safety, Strategy, & Management

Sunnybrook 2018-21: Planning our future together »

Visit our strategic planning web page to learn more about the process and how to get involved.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals are integrated into every aspect of our organization, helping us achieve our vision of transforming healthcare.

Each program and service in the hospital is monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure we continually achieve our strategic goals.

Visit our Strategic Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Focus sections to learn more.

Patient Safety Indicators

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has established a number of safety indicators that all hospitals are equired to publicly report.

» View our Publicly Reported Patient Safety Indicators

Sunnybrook Shines a Spotlight...

» Read our management commentary & analysis for 2016/17

Strategic Programs

As an academic health sciences centre, our mandate is to discover, apply, evaluate and translate knowledge; ensuring our findings benefit patients now and in the future. To achieve our mandate, we have identified eight Areas of Focus; Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program, Holland Musculoskeletal Program, Odette Cancer Centre, Schulich Heart Centre, St. John's Rehab ProgramTrauma, Emergency & Critical Care Program, Veterans & Community Program, and Women & Babies Program. These strategic programs serve targeted patient populations, providing multidisciplinary and innovative care.