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Full service fee schedule

Service/Equipment Internal Fees
Processing/embedding $10.50/block
Multiple tissues processing/embedding (more than two per cassette) $12/block
Microtomy (first slide) $6/block
Cut extra sections from same tissue cassette) $3.75/slide
Cut sections from (different) pre-existing block $3.75/slide
Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining $3.75/slide
Special handling fee * $60/hour
Cut section from block onto one slide $3.75/slide
Collect additional level(s) on same slide (price per additional level $2.63/section
H&E staining of section (from frozen tissue block) $3.75/slide

Special handling fee *

Handling fee (not embedding in agarose) $7.50/block
Handling fee (embedding in agarose) $15/block
Section (for histology) $1.50/section
Special handling fee * $60/hour

* Special handling fee is applied additionally depending on a request or when it requires an extensive time to produce a single slide.

**Special staining is available upon request

***External researchers please contact Petia for pricing, pstefanova@sri.utoronto.ca