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A Guide for Patients Having Hip or Knee Replacement

In the Bathroom

Reduce the risk of slipping in the bathroom by using a rubber mat or non-skid decals, treads, or strips on the bottom of the tub or shower. When you resume this activity you must use grab bars to lower/raise yourself in and out of the bathtub. Grab bars with suction cups are not recommended. Do not use the soap dish, towel rack, or shower curtain rod for assistance when getting in and out of the bathtub, as they are not designed to support your weight.

Long-handled spongeBathing

An Occupational Therapist will teach you how to get in and out of your shower or bathtub, help you decide whether a bath seat is required at home, and advise you as to which bath seat is best. Bath seats are available at medical supply stores for rental or purchase.

The use of a long-handled sponge or reacher may be helpful. It allows you to reach below knee level and with less effort and more comfort. These devices can be purchased at the gift shop in the hospital or at your local medical supply store.

Raised toilet seatUsing the Toilet

For some patients it may be easier to sit and rise from a higher surface. A raised toilet seat with arm rests may be recommended if you have difficulty getting on and off the toilet. A raised toilet seat is especially useful if you have had both of your knees replaced. Raised toilet seats are available at your local medical supply store for rental or purchase. A photo may be helpful to show the medical supplier your type of toilet. This will help to ensure correct fit.

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