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A Guide for Patients Having Hip or Knee Replacement

After Your Knee Replacement

Transfers And Mobility

For tips about how to move comfortably after your knee replacement, watch these video clips on our YouTube channel. If you have questions, please speak to your therapists.


While you are in the hospital, your physiotherapist will initially teach you how to climb stairs one step at a time. To go up the stairs, you will be shown to step up with your non-operated leg leading first. Next, you move your cane/ crutch and operated leg to the same step. To go down the stairs, you always lead down with your cane/crutch and operated leg first. Then bring down your non-operated leg.

It is advised that you have secure handrails on all staircases. Your physiotherapist and surgeon will also advise you when you can resume stair climbing (up and down) with either leg.

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