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Inventing the Future of Health Care for Ontario and Beyond: Strategic Plan 2018-21
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An ambitious plan to invent the future of health care

Sunnybrook creates a strategic plan every three years. Each plan builds on the experience of the previous and sets a course for the organization to pursue its mission and vision over not only the next three years but also with a longer view for the next 10 years and beyond.

Our relatively short planning horizon allows Sunnybrook to be responsive to the rapidly changing health care system and gives the organization latitude to alter its course as opportunities arise and innovations are generated and adopted.

Sunnybrook’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021 has been developed through broad consultation with the many communities the hospital serves and with partners in the system.

This plan represents an ongoing evolution of the organization as we look to build a health system around the needs of the more than 1.3 million patients who come through our doors each year. This plan responds to what patients have been telling us about their care and how it can be improved. We have four main Strategic Directions that work to ensure our programs and services are providing care for patients that is personalized to their needs, is unsurpassed in quality and the best experience possible, is integrated across the system, and is provided by high performing teams.

Sunnybrook plays a unique and special role in the health care system. It provides a ‘safety-net’ for the province’s most critically ill and injured patients while at the same time it services the hospital needs of its surrounding community.

Strategic Plan 2018-21 aims to address the significant challenges Sunnybrook is facing such as significant and increasing demand for patient care that is outpacing available resources. At the same time, the plan is focused on ensuring the organization’s commitment to innovation, education, and excellent care remain at the forefront.

Sunnybrook’s Board of Directors endorses this ambitious plan and is excited to monitor the results of its implementation over the next three years. With the support of its community, the generosity of its donors, and partnerships with government, including the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network, University of Toronto and other institutions, and fellow health care providers, Sunnybrook is poised to continue on its journey to realize its vision of inventing the future of health care.

Mr. Blake Goldring

Mr. Blake Goldring
Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Andy Smith

Dr. Andy Smith
President and Chief Executive Officer

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