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Self-service access

For self-service access to the SRI histology facility, principal investigators (PIs) are required to do the following:

  • Fill out and submit an online SRI histology facility PI membership form.
  • Pay an annual membership fee for trainees to have access to the facility ($500 for SRI members; $1,000 for non-SRI members).
  • Pay an hourly user fee ($20 per hour for SRI members; $30 per hour for non-SRI members) or annual user fee ($2,000 per year for SRI members; $4,000 per year for non-SRI members). Note: This fee applies to each piece of equipment. If you want access to more than one machine to cut sections, then you will need to fill out a separate form and pay an additional fee for each piece of equipment.

For self-service access to the SRI histology facility, trainees are required to do the following:

View the online calendar to check availability of the equipment. Contact Petia Stefanova, pstefanova@sri.utoronto.ca, to book use of the equipment.

Additional details on the terms and conditions of use are provided in the SRI histology facility service agreement form (Word, 80 KB).

For more information, contact Petia Stefanova: pstefanova@sri.utoronto.ca.