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Operating Room and Related Services
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In the Operating Room

You are the most important person in the operating room and your care, comfort and satisfaction are our top priority. Your surgical team consists of the surgeon, anesthetist, nurse, and other team members. They will go over any questions you may have and will be there with you throughout the procedure.

Entrance to the operating room is restricted. Members of the surgical team work hard to coordinate their efforts to ensure the safety and care of their patients. The surgical team is in charge of the OR and makes decisions regarding patient care procedures.

You will be asked to verify your name, surgical procedure and the site throughout the surgical process. As part of our safety culture, we will go through a surgical 'time out.' This safety measure will confirm the following information before surgery begins:

  • Correct patient
  • Correct side and marking
  • Correct procedure
  • Allergies

For more information about your surgical experience:

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Sunnybrook’s operating rooms provide patient care to the following surgical services: