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Emergency Codes

What are Emergency Codes?

An emergency code is a notification of an event that requires immediate action. At Sunnybrook the emergency codes are mostly denoted by a standardized colour, set by the Ontario Hospital Association, to allow for uniformity amongst Hospitals. This also facilitates the translation of essential information to the responding code teams to ensure optimal response.

How are emergency codes called?

5555 is the emergency number at Sunnybrook. In the case of an emergency, dial 5555 from any internal Hospital Phone and state your location and describe your emergency.

Emergency Codes Reference

To initiate phone ext. 5555
Code Red
Code Blue
Cardio-Respiratory Arrest / Emergent Medical Intervention
Code Blue (Child)
Cardio-Respiratory Arrest Age >30 days to 13 years
Code Pink
Cardio-Respiratory Arrest Neonatal Age
Code White
Violent Person
Code Yellow
Missing Patient
Code Yellow (Baby)
Infant Abduction
Code Brown
Internal Crisis / Hazardous Spill
Code Green
Code Orange
Mass Casualties / CBRNE / Pandemic
Code Black
Bomb threat
Code Purple
Code Omega
Life-Threatening Blood Loss
Code Omega (Obstetrics)
Life Threatening Blood Loss in a Peri-Partum Woman
Code 33
Obstetrical Crisis