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About the clinic

Who is seen by the Transition Care Clinic team?

Once you have finished your treatment for colorectal cancer or lymphoma, you will be seen in the Transition Care Clinic (TCC).

When will the Transition Care Clinic take place?

The TCC is usually on the second and fourth Monday of each month. Please note the clinic is changed for holidays. The TCC is held between 9-12pm. You will be given an appointment date and time once it has been booked.

Where will the Transition Care Clinic take place?

The TCC is held at the Odette Cancer Centre (OCC) T-wing building on the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre campus.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Please check in at main reception when you arrive at the OCC for each of your appointments. Please complete symptom screening at the kiosks near the North entrance.

What will happen in the Transition Care Clinic?

You will be seen by a family doctor and a nurse. The health care team will help you make the transition from the OCC back to your own family doctor. Using the best evidence available, this team will:

  • Introduce you to the clinic
  • Review your cancer medical history with you
  • Address your concerns and answer your questions
  • Help you manage your current symptoms
  • Review and give you a plan of care
  • Give you information to promote wellness (healthy living)
  • Connect you with resources closer to your community
  • Give your family doctor the information they need to continue your care
  • Give you information on how to find a family doctor if you do not have one

How will I stay informed and connected?

You will have access to this website ( with information about your needs after treatment. This website is your connection to the OCC during and after your transition from the cancer centre to your family doctor. You will continue to have access to this information even after you are no longer being seen at the OCC.


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